Welcome to our Premier Multi-Specialist Private Medical Practice

 in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

With Board Certified Doctors who Provide you with

 Personalized, Comprehensive and High Quality Medical Care


Aesthetic, Laser &  Clinical Dermatology

Dr. David J. Friedman, MD

US and Israel Board Certified Dermatologist 



Gynecology & Women’s Health Care

Dr. Amy Kesselman, MD, FACOG

US and Israel Board Certified Gynecologist



Ophthalmologist & Oculoplastics

Dr. Aleza Andron, MD

Israel Board Certified Opthalmologist and Oculoplastic Specialist and Surgeon



Non Surgical Leg Vein Treatments

Dr. David Bouaziz, MD

French Board Certified Vascular Specialist

Allergy & Asthma  

Consultations, Testing & Treatment

Dr. Irena Offengenden, MD

US and Israel Board Certified Allergist and Clinical Immunologist

Internal Medicine

Comprehensive Physical Exams and Preventative Health Care & Wellness

Dr. Yael Raymon, MD

US and Israel Board Certified Internist

Jerusalem Office
60 Diskin Street (opposite 15) – view map
02-563-5673  | clinic whatsapp +972-58-563-5673

Tel Aviv Office
43 Brodetsky, Entrance A, Floor 2, Ramat Aviv – view map
03-612-2322 | clinic whatsapp +972-58-563-5673